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Brookfield Sewer Service Studies and Plans

The Brookfield WPCA has been proactive in planning for the future. It takes several years to build out sewer infrastructure, so planning in advance is necessary to service Brookfield with reasoned for thought.  

Here are links to service capability and capacity planning:

WPCA Planning
 Water Pollution Control PlanBrookfield Water Pollution Control Plan
 10-Year Sewer Map10-Year Sewer Map
 Flow Project From 2012 - 20-Year ReportFuture Sewer Service Flow Projections From 2012
 Water Pollution Control Plan - MAP PDFBrookfield Water Pollution Control Plan - Map
 Water Pollution Control Plan - MAPBrookfield Water Pollution Control Plan - Map (Web View)
 Candlewood Lake Pollution FocusCandlewood Lake Pollution Focus
 Lakes in Pictures - Phosphorus Levels
 Lakes in Pictures - Chlorophyll - a
 Lakes in Pictures - Phycocyanin
 Candlewood Lake Pollution FocusLake Pollution in the News
 Candlewood Lake Pollution Study 2016Candlewood Lake Pollution Westconn Study 2016