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System Upgrade Projects

Upgrades 2016-2017 



Contract for Federal Road Pump Station Improvements. Larger pumps and upgraded controls systems to service North area growth of the Four Corners area, residential and commercial. 

Contract for Railroad Pump Station Improvements. This is a 1996 station that needed upgrades to service the new High Meadow area system. It also services the High School which services as  an emergeny shelter. 

Contract for North Pump Station Improvements. This is a 1993 station that needed upgrades to service growth in the Four Corners area. 

Contract for Federal Road Force Main Improvements. This is a complex repair project to remove a blockage in a four inch forced main line. A part of this project was to improve the vacuum break venting system at the Federal Road overpass of Route 7. 

The Brookfield WPCA is assisting the Brookfield Housing Authority to completely re-do the sewer system Brooks Quarry. This project is being funded by a Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) grant.  

The Brookfield WPCA has sponsored the original purchase of the Geographical Information System (GIS) for the Town of Brookfield. The WPCA has its own seat on the system with use for geographically locating and updating the entire system. This data is being used to model the system to determine pinch points that may occur within the Brookfield system as a result of further expansion.