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High Meadow Project Construction Schedule


The following is the construction schedule for the High Meadow/Ledgewood/Newbury Crossing Sewer Project (HM/LW/NC).

Aug activity: ordering, planning, digging "test pits" and results evaluated. 
Sep activity: completed the run from the Pump Station to Silvermine Road.
Oct activity: started on the piping within HM; Work on the Pump Station.
Nov activity: continued on the piping within HM; Work on the Pump Station.
Dec activity: completed on the piping within HM except for final connections.
Jan activity: started run up Ledgewood Drive towards Lambert Lane.
Feb activity: completed Ledgewood Drive, Lambert Lane, toward Boxwood.
Mar activity: completed more gravity pipe in roadways. 
Apr activity: completed all in-road work including Newbury Crossing.

May activity: Pump Station operational. Some condo units connected.
Jun activity: Completed connecting all but six remaining condo units.
Jul activity: Completed connecting 3 of 6 remaining condo units; restoration.
Aug activity: Completed most of the paving and some restoration remains.
Sep activity: Completed paving and some restoration remains.
Oct activity: Abandonment of septic tanks; Installation on Arbor Dr.
Nov activity: Complete installation on Arbor Dr; Paving all areas.

(Schedule updated Dec 7, 2015) 

Outstanding work:
Week of December 7:
Crack seal and Sealant Westview driveway 
Pavement replacement Westview Cul de sac
Replacement of damaged pole at tennis court
Removal of frames and covers near pool house
Move cement curbs in pool parking areas when machines on site for snow removal.


PhaseTask AreaStartFinishNotes
PrelimUtility Locating All07-0707-22note
PrelimTest Pits All08-1208-28note
PrelimClearing+Materials Staging All08-1508-25note
1Pump Station HM10-0605-15note
2Force Main + Gravity Lines HM09-0201-05note
3Gravity Lines & Connections HM10-2004-30note
3Connecting to gravity lines HM03-1807-17note
4AGravity Sewer Lines LW03-0207-17note
4BGravity Sewer Lines NC03-1604-07note
4CGravity Sewer Lines NC03-1605-05note
5*Gravity Lines & Connections NC03-1606-30note
6Restoration of Surfaces All10-1509-30note
FinalAbandon Existing Structures All09-0209-30note
AddlConnect Last 3 Units LW09-1410-23note
FinalPaving All11-0111-15note


  • Please do not communicate with the workers on site.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your point of contact person below

    (Do not call the WPCA). These 3 people will then contact the Brookfield WPCA:

    • High Meadow:        Peter Citrone 203-297-7475

    • Newbury Crossing: Gail Bristol 203-770-8410

    • Ledgewood:            Cheryl Peatfield 203-740-9255

  • Construction etiquette:

    • Avoid work areas.

    • Keep your pets leashed at all times.

    • Keep your children off and away from all machinery, stockpiles, materials, etc.

    • Be aware of your surroundings, i.e. uneven surfaces, detours, barricaded areas.

    • Large machinery and trucks have limited visibility and will be entering and exiting

      frequently. Please keep clear.

    • Please respect utility markouts, flagging & construction staking (do not remove or destroy). 

      We ask that all residents and their families, as well as landscaping and maintenance people

      do their best to protect these items.

    • Occasional loud noises are to be expected.

    • You may be asked to temporarily relocate your personal vehicle to facilitate construction.

      Every effort will be made to give you prior notice.

  • Contractor hours are expected to be between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday,

    however there may be circumstances that require work outside of these hours.